Natural Skincare Review

Today I will be reviewing locally produced natural skincare products. The range below ‘Skinvelop’ is carefully developed with completely natural ingredients and handmade in Scotland by Jean at Bespoke Therapies & Skincare.

As you can see from the images, I have been using a Cleanser (white bottle), Eye Balm (blue bottle) and a Moisturiser (silver bottle) and for the purposes of this Natural Skincare post I will review them in this order 🙂

The ‘Skinvelop’ Cleanser is an essential product and acts as a makeup remover and a great cleanser for removing all dirt even after your makeup has been taken off. This particular cleanser is so kind to the skin, gently melting your makeup off with only a small amount of cleansing cream on a damp cotton pad or muslin cloth. This is what I love about natural skincare as because of all the quality ingredients used to make it, a small amount of cream goes a long, long way which means your getting a lot more for your money!

Jean’s ‘Skinvelop’ Cleanser is a winner for heavy eye makeup too!

Eye makeup, as we all know, is a nightmare to remove – it is especially hard to get ALL the mascara & eye-liner off without rubbing your eyes so vigorously that your eyes start stinging like mad ! This cleanser is a winner for taking it off as it dissolves all your sturdy eye makeup with concentrated naturally active essential oils which means once you apply the cleanser to your face and eyes, it will gently melt it with no need to begin the ‘scrape off ‘ !

TIP: For easier eye makeup removal, always wet a cotton pad or ball and place it on your closed eye for 10 seconds to soak the eye completely before using the cleanser.

Moving on to Jean’s Eye Therapy…..

The Eye Balm/Serum is a delightful little product which helps to remove dark circles, redness and puffiness from the eyes.

I have noticed a significant difference in my eyes after using this product for only a week ! The dark areas around my eye – especially at the corners of my eye (from over-use of black eye-liner I presume) have lightened which I am very happy about. A lot of young people by-pass an Eye Balm or Serum as it is thought that this type of product is only used by mature women who want to reduce wrinkles around the eyes but I say as woman in her 20’s that prevention is key and a natural ingredient eye cream can only aid the youthfulness of your skin around the eyes so the sooner you start the better the results as you get older !

Lastly, Jean’s luxurious ‘Daily Moisture Boost’….

Jean’s ‘Moisture Boost‘ is not only a deep face moisturiser that leaves your skin feeling refreshed & fully hydrated but also is packed with vitamins & essential oils to give your skin that extra boost throughout the day.

This is quite a light moisturiser so if you’re looking for a product that’s heavy in texture for use before bed then you’re best to use a balm for this purpose. For day-time use into evening this moisturiser is perfect as you can apply it, massage it into your skin and it travels down into the layers of your skin for deep hydration and doesn’t leave a greasy, unpleasant shiny glow on your skin.

So the ‘Daily Moisture Boost’ is a great moisturiser for woman on-the-go and gives skin the much needed support of vitamins and essential oils to keep it plump and hydrated through the day.

All in all, this natural skincare range is fantastic value for money and will go a long, long way considering the amount of carefully selected quality natural ingredients inside. So a big THANK YOU to Jean for developing such an affordable natural range ! …..If you wish to view the full natural ‘Skinvelop’ range then please visit Jean’s website at Bespoke Therapies & Skincare.

Remember – the big brands you buy in Boots, Superdrug etc probably spend about 50p or less in total on (chemical/toxin) ingredients in each of their skincare products and then sell each product on for on average £5 – that’s a lot of money for rubbish ingredients !

Be Beautiful, Be Natural….


LubyLou x


Natural Skincare

‘Skinvelop ‘ – A New Natural Skincare Range

I recently was given some natural cosmetics & natural skincare beauty products to try by my friend Jean who makes them herself at Bespoke Therapies & Skincare. Jean has broken the mould by deciding not to take the easy route of using cheap chemical ingredients for her beauty products, that all department & chain stores supply like Boots, Superdrug and The Body Shop, her ‘Skinvelop’ ingredients are carefully picked and sourced by their natural quality and poured into each bottle by hand.

Natural Cosmetics Boutique | Cleanser and Makeup Remover

Cleanser and Makeup Remover

I will be reviewing this Cleanser along with a review on Jean’s ‘Skinvelop’ Daily Moisture Boost and Eye Cream later this week!

Be Beautiful… Be Natural,



Easy steps to Healthy Eating

I was recently asked by a friend to help her lose weight for a big event she had coming up in a few weeks….

So I gave her this quick but effective healthy eating plan for her to go by, she has been doing really well so far and lost a fantastic 8lbs in a week – so I thought I would share it with you !

I used to get so fed up with toast and butter in the mornings and had never really enjoyed jam or any other spreads on toast so would have a debate when I woke whether to have tasteless toast or sugary plain cereal…(yes EVERY cereal except wheatabix and shredded wheat are full of sugar, sucrose,fructose all the same)

I also knew porridge was good for you but could never quite stomach it but then when I mixed a probiotic yoghurt through it …everything changed ! …and my mornings became bright and beautiful again 🙂

Breakfast: You need a Yeo Valley probiotic yoghurt, porridge oats and Linwood’s linseed mix (crushed seeds and nuts – total goodness !)-pics of these items are at the bottom of this post…

Add water or milk to porridge oats (if possible leave overnight or leave standing in the morning for 10 minutes to expand the oats)
Pop in the microwave or on the hob and cook for a few minutes.
Once porridge is ready , get Linseed mix …take a tblspn and pour onto porridge bowl.
Get Yeo Valley yoghurt…take 2 tblspns and mix both yoghurt and linseed mix up in the porridge.


To give you a boost in the morning, you can add fruit to the porridge- I adviseberries i.e. raspberries, blueberries, strawberries or blackberries, as these types of fruit are slow releasing energy fruits which are good for balancing blood sugar levels.. Yeay !

Natural Cosmetics Boutique | Porridge Oats

Porridge Oats

Natural Cosmetics Boutique | Linseed Mix

Linseed Mix

Natural Cosmetics Boutique | Probiotic Yoghurt

Probiotic Yoghurt

Lunch can be a variety of things but the main aim is to eat both protein to feed your body and starch to feed your energy.
Protein is either FISH, CHICKEN or EGGS- don’t be put off by eggs as these are the cheapest and easiest way to get the protein you need so take on a different mind
Set and start thinking eggs are fantastic because they are !

So your choices for lunch are Tuna mayo, Egg mayo, Chicken salad, Coronation chicken (any chicken!) and fish- any variations of the 3 proteins Egg, Chicken, Fish really ! When it comes to egg you can have Scrambled, Boiled, Poached, Sunny-side up, or Egg mayo, the world is your oyster !

Use low fat mayonnaise obviously, you may say ‘Mayonnaise is fattening’ but it isn’t compared to having a packet of crisps ! If you’re conscious of this then just put a tiny amount into your egg or tuna, just enough to make it moist or choose or option that doesn’t require mayonnaise.

For lunch, the one thing you need to stick to is putting your chosen
protein on Wholemeal Bread, white bread should no longer be in your bread-bin as the only way to successful healthy eating is Wholemeal EVERYTHING – bread, pasta and brown rice… we will cover brown pasta & rice in the dinner section.

This healthy eating plan is designed to keep you feeling full through the day so you don’t end up having temptations to eat a chocolate or cake snack. I believe this ‘keeping full’ approach is the way to sustaining a healthy eating diet as if you start a diet and feel starved within a few days then you won’t continue it for very long and end up going back to your old habits. Although when we say ‘keeping full’ we don’t mean eat a huge portion to last you till your next meal – the idea is to eat smaller portions regularly so you may need to have a healthy snack between meals such as a probiotic yoghurt (as seen in the photo), a salad, or a low sugar content fruit such as a green apple or any type of berry, stay away from high sugar content fruits such as bananas and grapes.


Dinner-time is time to get creative and you have a free reign on this as long as you have 1 part protein, 1 part starch and as much veg as you can eat (ideally 2part veg !) – we mean ‘part’ in the sense of your plate portion so a quarter of your plate should be protein, a quarter starch and a half plate of veg.


Fresh Fish -Salmon, Trout, Cod etc

Fresh Chicken

Fresh Pork

Occasionally Red Meat – Fresh Beef Steak

Starch –

Brown Rice

Brown Pasta

Red/Sweet Potato

Veg –

ANY ! Aim to have some dark green colours though like Broccoli and Spinach as these contain especially good levels of vitamins & minerals your body needs.


Have a few spoonfuls of a probiotic yoghurt or a slice of wholemeal toast with butter. Yeo Valley now do a fantastic range of flavours including ‘passion fruit’ which we highly recommend you try 🙂

Feel free to leave a comment or private mail me for extra or more detailed information, I will be more than happy to help in a more personal sense as every body is different …..

Love Eating !


LubyLou x

Wipe or Cleanse?

Hi all,

So I was on a hen night at the weekend, yes very fun !, but among all the hilarity from an afternoon cocktail class and a night out full of shots (from a handy shot glass necklace around each of our necks) I realised how much people still swear by using baby wipes and makeup wipes to take their makeup off.

Yes makeup wipes are convenient but so is a bottle of cleanser and some water !

Before I get comfortable on my high horse though 😉 …I will let you in on a little secret …

Up until a few years ago, I didn’t know a typical cleanser you buy actually IS a makeup remover and takes off all your makeup including plentiful eye makeup…WOW. Purely due to the fact it didn’t say ‘Makeup Remover’ on the label, I just took it for granted it was a facewash as such. My beauty therapist was the one who corrected me, and to her I am ever so grateful !

I now ONLY use a cleanser to remove my makeup as I find it so gentle to my skin and either use a cotton ball/ pad or just use my fingers if I don’t have any cottons handy. It’s easy as peas !

It requires you to use water but believe me there’s nothing I enjoy more than a warm, face wash at night to gently clean all my makeup off before bed…it doesn’t wake me up at all, in fact, it sends me to sleep because it’s so relaxing.

Before I was introduced to the wonders of a ‘cleanse’ , all I remember was the amount of scraping I had to do to get my makeup off with a makeup wipe…my face would sting and my eyes burned as I lay in bed trying to get to sleep and would wake up with half my eye makeup still in on my face 😦

So, if you use makeup removing wipes at the moment and are fed up scraping it off like clay then why not give your skin a break and buy a cleanser as it’s something kinder and more gentle to your delicate little face !

AND it works out cheaper with the amount of use you get out of it too… happy days 😀

Just another thought from…


Natural Cosmetics Boutique

Understanding Labels

Natural Cosmetics Boutique

Have you gave up on trying to read ingredient labels because they are a never-ending list of extraordinary long impossible-to-pronounce words ?!

Have you surrendered to the ‘what I don’t know, won’t hurt me’ method ?

…Well this method may keep your anxiety at bay for a while but it still doesn’t do your skin any favours and may put your health & well-being at risk. Natural Cosmetics Boutique is here to provide you with trusting information on how to avoid nasty chemicals in cosmetic products you buy.

So how do we understand ingredient labels in skincare and makeup products ? Here we show you how.

First, we have to know what each ingredient means…

Seems a bit of a complicated task , yes ? Well, it is rather easy once you get familiar with the chemicals commonly found in cosmetic products. So lets get ourselves familiar with them !

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are used in shampoos, shower gels, face washes, body lotions etc to give a lathering/ foaming texture to your bathing experience. When washing yourself, a good lather in a soap seems to make it feel more luxurious and is a desirable quality during the daily beauty regime as it gives the illusion that you are even more clean than usual.

This is far from the truth as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are too strong for your skin, if you use any cosmetics with either of these in them then you are rubbing chemicals into your body that irritate, dry and thin your skin ! Your skin is delicate and by not using natural cosmetics your body will ingest these toxins and can fester there causing problems.

The GOOD NEWS is that cosmetic brands can use natural ingredients to create a lathering texture and don’t have to use anything that upsets your skin and body. The BAD NEWS is that the cosmetic branded products you find on the high street will still use SLS in order to create the cheapest product possible ….Yes, I know, very frustrating !

So it makes you wonder whether the cosmetic brands we trust and use daily, really do have our best interests at heart ?

Next, we need to find out what each ingredient can do to your skin and what happens to it after it is applied to the skin (i.e. where it goes)….

When you rub a face wash into your skin, the contents of the product are absorbed through the skin into your blood stream within 18 seconds (it does not just fall off your skin and go down the drain!). Your body then has to go to a lot of effort to filter out the chemicals ingredients of the face wash (which will be all the ingredients if you have purchased from high street store or supermarket), this is done via your liver as your liver is your body’s detoxifier – which is why your liver is directly affected and is put under extra strain to filter out alcohol when you consume it.

Nowadays, our diet consumption and beauty products are filled with chemical ingredients so our livers are being overloaded and put under far too much strain that it can’t detoxify and get rid of ALL the chemicals our bodies are exposed to. These chemicals and toxins are left to hang around and cause problems such as illnesses.

BUT thankfully…there are natural cosmetics brands and products out there that only use truly natural ingredients and normally handmake them. Although you will only find these natural cosmetics either online or an individual natural shop that is not a big chain store or high street department store such as asda, john lewis, debenhams, tesco etc -This is because big chains and department stores have to buy in a big batch of products for all their individual stores and they always manufacture their products with chemical preservatives in order to have a very long shelf life (around 4 years). I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t feel comfortable using a moisturiser that’s 4 years old, I want a freshly made product. Natural cosmetic brands use natural preservatives that don’t harm irritate or dry your skin, and they have a shelf-life of 18 months.

Natural skincare & makeup is NOT expensive and is actually similarly priced to what you normally buy in a high street store, normally I pay less than a tenner for a natural cosmetic product and the other benefit is that it LASTS LONGER as most natural cosmetics brands do not dilute and fill up their product with water (aqua as you see it in ingredient labels). So you won’t be out of pocket and at the same time you’ll be helping your skin age slower while taking a step towards a healthier lifestyle 🙂

SLS normally appears at the very beginning of the ingredient list next to Aqua because ingredients are listed by the highest percentage of ingredient used in descending order, so in a typical shower gel , Water (Aqua) is always first because the product is mostly made up of water. SLS usually appears after Aqua which means it is a close second in the amount used …which is a scary thought !

So start looking at the cosmetic products in your own home, that you use all the time and maybe are a trusted brand of yours and see whether they include Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate….

You will be amazed by what you find !

Love natural !


Luby Lou x

New Year, New Skin !

Natural Cosmetics Boutique | New Year New YouStart your New Year with a resolution that’s worthwhile this year…

Out with the old cosmetics and in with the new 2012 natural cosmetics trend !

So we are all realising that natural ingredient cosmetics are the way forward…but with our drawers and cupboards filled with excess amounts of chemical filled products such as The Body Shop, Nivea and Olay and so on, where do we start ?

Well, of course, you can’t just throw all your high street branded cosmetics in the bin after spending a fair bit of cash buying them, right ?

Natural Cosmetics Boutique provides a solution to begin your natural cosmetic skincare & makeup journey…

If you haven’t got a great deal of money or you’ve recently spent a bit of money on chemical cosmetics then the best way to go natural is take it step by step; a gradual switch from chemical cosmetics to natural cosmetics. Either switch to natural cosmetics when you run out of what you are using now or buy natural products two by two whenever you can afford them…the products which are featured in my blog are less than £20 so are affordable and of great quality.

Here is a detailed two step guide to start you off:

1. Natural Moisturiser/ Serum – The first and the most essential product you should switch to is a natural ingredient moisturiser/ serum (a serum is a deep replenishing moisturiser that comes in the form of an oil rather than a cream- it travels deeper into the skin due to its liquid form and therefore, in my opinion, it works better than a cream). I use ‘Botanicals’ Organic Face Serum everyday after I shower as my skin gets tight and dry, when I use this serum my skin is nourished and can then apply my makeup without getting a peeling ‘gritty’ makeup look that is rather unattractive !

This serum is the dearest product featured on my post but it lasts a very long time, I am only half way through one I bought last Spring and I use it everyday !

Natural Cosmetics Boutique | Natural Face Serum

Natural Face Serum £18.95

2. Natural Cleanser/ Makeup Remover– a natural ingredient cleanser is a product you will treasure ! The one I use is ‘Botanicals’ Organic Cleansing Melt which just melts your makeup away and kindly soothes and cleans off any impurities on your skin. It is divine and never leaves your eyes or face feeling stingy like makeup wipes do !

This cleanser is half full, I use it all the time and I bought it a year ago so it goes a long way !

Natural Cosmetics Boutique | Natural Cleansing Melt

2. Natural Cleanser/ Makeup Remover £16.95

…To Be Continued !

Our next post delves into the worlds of the evil toxins : Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Natural Cosmetics Boutique explores the dangers of both chemicals found in all high street store cosmetic products.

Love Natural !


Luby Lou x

Natural Cosmetics Boutique Researcher

If you have any questions or would like further information on the issues or products I have covered in my posts or details on how to purchase, please comment or send me a direct email to:

Natural Hand & Nail Pamper Pack

Natural Cosmetics Gift Box

Our ‘Hand & Nail Pamper Pack’  is blended by hand using only carefully selected natural and organic ingredients. This beautiful recyclable box contains all you need to pamper and revitalise winter-challenged hands.

Your daily beauty regime of cleansing, moisturising & applying makeup can mean a cocktail of unnecessary chemicals being plastered onto your skin, which don’t stay there !…Your skin can absorb everything you put on it; whether it be natural oils, plant extracts which are healthy or nasty chemicals that your body must get rid of and detoxify. When your skin absorbs all the chemical ingredients in skincare products, it is directly soaked up into our bloodstream and filtered out the same way our food is. You may be surprised to know that recent studies show we absorb as many toxins through our skin as through the foods we eat!

It makes perfect sense to choose cosmetics made with natural and organic ingredients, as it does when choosing food. But BEWARE there’s a BIG difference between the strict legal requirements for labelling food, and the extremely lenient legal requirements for labelling and advertising skincare products.

Misleading product titles such as ‘Pure’, ‘Natural’ and even ‘Organic’ are very misused terms in cosmetics. Unlike food, there are no laws governing these terms and most if not all products you find in high street stores are made with cheap chemical ingredients to increase their profit.                              For example, a brand can name their product range ‘Organic Shampoo’ when in reality it contains as little as 1% of ingredients derived from natural or organic origin.

Here are a few tips to finding the right natural products for you:

  • Start reading the ingredients list on cosmetics you already have, you may get a big shock.
  • Always check the ingredients list and if the list looks like a chemical experiment- it isn’t natural !
  • Start doing your own research on natural cosmetics, look further than high street shops & popular brands as they are all made cheaply.
  • The internet is a great research engine…congratulations as reading this blog is a great start!
  • Do not assume just because the ingredients list is long, it is chemical-filled- many natural products have a long list of natural oils they contain.
  • Look out for an asterix symbol [*] – if a product has the title ‘Natural & Organic*’ then search for the expansion of this symbol to find out why it is there.                                                                    (HINT- Normally this symbol means only one single ingredient is organic, which in the grand scheme of things, will be drowned out by the rest of the chemical-filled ingredients.

This blog is aimed at helping you find and trust truly natural-ingredient products so please feel free to share your ideas and leave comments/ questions on my post.      

Please feel free to respond to any of my blogs for more details on any topics I have covered or any topics you wish this blog to cover in the future.

Natural Hand & Nail Pamper Pack

Directions : – Sprinkle the ‘Himalayan Mineral Hand Soak’ crystals into a bowl of warm water and relax, soaking your hands for 10 minutes or so whilst enjoying the infused festive aroma organic of sandalwood & marjoram.

Once dry, massage the luxurious winter-warmer ‘Natural Hand Lotion’ onto your skin for a deep moisturising soothing repair, and rub in frankincense charged ‘Organic Cuticle Oil’ to give your hands, nails & cuticles a deep replenishing shine.