Natural Hand & Nail Pamper Pack

Natural Cosmetics Gift Box

Our ‘Hand & Nail Pamper Pack’  is blended by hand using only carefully selected natural and organic ingredients. This beautiful recyclable box contains all you need to pamper and revitalise winter-challenged hands.

Your daily beauty regime of cleansing, moisturising & applying makeup can mean a cocktail of unnecessary chemicals being plastered onto your skin, which don’t stay there !…Your skin can absorb everything you put on it; whether it be natural oils, plant extracts which are healthy or nasty chemicals that your body must get rid of and detoxify. When your skin absorbs all the chemical ingredients in skincare products, it is directly soaked up into our bloodstream and filtered out the same way our food is. You may be surprised to know that recent studies show we absorb as many toxins through our skin as through the foods we eat!

It makes perfect sense to choose cosmetics made with natural and organic ingredients, as it does when choosing food. But BEWARE there’s a BIG difference between the strict legal requirements for labelling food, and the extremely lenient legal requirements for labelling and advertising skincare products.

Misleading product titles such as ‘Pure’, ‘Natural’ and even ‘Organic’ are very misused terms in cosmetics. Unlike food, there are no laws governing these terms and most if not all products you find in high street stores are made with cheap chemical ingredients to increase their profit.                              For example, a brand can name their product range ‘Organic Shampoo’ when in reality it contains as little as 1% of ingredients derived from natural or organic origin.

Here are a few tips to finding the right natural products for you:

  • Start reading the ingredients list on cosmetics you already have, you may get a big shock.
  • Always check the ingredients list and if the list looks like a chemical experiment- it isn’t natural !
  • Start doing your own research on natural cosmetics, look further than high street shops & popular brands as they are all made cheaply.
  • The internet is a great research engine…congratulations as reading this blog is a great start!
  • Do not assume just because the ingredients list is long, it is chemical-filled- many natural products have a long list of natural oils they contain.
  • Look out for an asterix symbol [*] – if a product has the title ‘Natural & Organic*’ then search for the expansion of this symbol to find out why it is there.                                                                    (HINT- Normally this symbol means only one single ingredient is organic, which in the grand scheme of things, will be drowned out by the rest of the chemical-filled ingredients.

This blog is aimed at helping you find and trust truly natural-ingredient products so please feel free to share your ideas and leave comments/ questions on my post.      

Please feel free to respond to any of my blogs for more details on any topics I have covered or any topics you wish this blog to cover in the future.

Natural Hand & Nail Pamper Pack

Directions : – Sprinkle the ‘Himalayan Mineral Hand Soak’ crystals into a bowl of warm water and relax, soaking your hands for 10 minutes or so whilst enjoying the infused festive aroma organic of sandalwood & marjoram.

Once dry, massage the luxurious winter-warmer ‘Natural Hand Lotion’ onto your skin for a deep moisturising soothing repair, and rub in frankincense charged ‘Organic Cuticle Oil’ to give your hands, nails & cuticles a deep replenishing shine.


6 thoughts on “Natural Hand & Nail Pamper Pack

  1. Great post here. I love natural makeup and have never looked back since I’ve started using them. True what you say – to check the labels carefully. Also need to regularly check the labels on products that you regularly buy. I just noticed the other day that the ingredients were changed on a cosmetic product that I use and there is a nasty in it now.

    • Thank you Arina, that is a very interesting point you made about labels changing out of the blue. What cosmetics product was this ? I had a look at your website and bookmarked as it looks great, particularly enjoyed the ‘Top 10 Nasties’ page.

      • Hi. It was actually a toothpaste called Parodontax. It used to be made in the UK, now the one I got is made in Poland and there Sodium Saccharin in the new one which wasn’t in the previous one. Did a bit of research on Sodium Saccharin and it seems to have links to cancer, do not too happy about putting that in my mouth! Anyway since it’s been made in Poland the quality is much different from what it used to be.

      • I use ‘Phyto Shields’ Herbal Toothpaste, it is from New Zealand. My toothpaste was one of the first natural products I switched to because I always got ulcers using conventional toothpastes…now I never get them !

  2. Hi, i think that i saw you visited my web site so i came to “return the favor”.
    I’m trying to find things to improve my website!I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!

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