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Easy steps to Healthy Eating

I was recently asked by a friend to help her lose weight for a big event she had coming up in a few weeks….

So I gave her this quick but effective healthy eating plan for her to go by, she has been doing really well so far and lost a fantastic 8lbs in a week – so I thought I would share it with you !

I used to get so fed up with toast and butter in the mornings and had never really enjoyed jam or any other spreads on toast so would have a debate when I woke whether to have tasteless toast or sugary plain cereal…(yes EVERY cereal except wheatabix and shredded wheat are full of sugar, sucrose,fructose all the same)

I also knew porridge was good for you but could never quite stomach it but then when I mixed a probiotic yoghurt through it …everything changed ! …and my mornings became bright and beautiful again 🙂

Breakfast: You need a Yeo Valley probiotic yoghurt, porridge oats and Linwood’s linseed mix (crushed seeds and nuts – total goodness !)-pics of these items are at the bottom of this post…

Add water or milk to porridge oats (if possible leave overnight or leave standing in the morning for 10 minutes to expand the oats)
Pop in the microwave or on the hob and cook for a few minutes.
Once porridge is ready , get Linseed mix …take a tblspn and pour onto porridge bowl.
Get Yeo Valley yoghurt…take 2 tblspns and mix both yoghurt and linseed mix up in the porridge.


To give you a boost in the morning, you can add fruit to the porridge- I adviseberries i.e. raspberries, blueberries, strawberries or blackberries, as these types of fruit are slow releasing energy fruits which are good for balancing blood sugar levels.. Yeay !

Natural Cosmetics Boutique | Porridge Oats

Porridge Oats

Natural Cosmetics Boutique | Linseed Mix

Linseed Mix

Natural Cosmetics Boutique | Probiotic Yoghurt

Probiotic Yoghurt

Lunch can be a variety of things but the main aim is to eat both protein to feed your body and starch to feed your energy.
Protein is either FISH, CHICKEN or EGGS- don’t be put off by eggs as these are the cheapest and easiest way to get the protein you need so take on a different mind
Set and start thinking eggs are fantastic because they are !

So your choices for lunch are Tuna mayo, Egg mayo, Chicken salad, Coronation chicken (any chicken!) and fish- any variations of the 3 proteins Egg, Chicken, Fish really ! When it comes to egg you can have Scrambled, Boiled, Poached, Sunny-side up, or Egg mayo, the world is your oyster !

Use low fat mayonnaise obviously, you may say ‘Mayonnaise is fattening’ but it isn’t compared to having a packet of crisps ! If you’re conscious of this then just put a tiny amount into your egg or tuna, just enough to make it moist or choose or option that doesn’t require mayonnaise.

For lunch, the one thing you need to stick to is putting your chosen
protein on Wholemeal Bread, white bread should no longer be in your bread-bin as the only way to successful healthy eating is Wholemeal EVERYTHING – bread, pasta and brown rice… we will cover brown pasta & rice in the dinner section.

This healthy eating plan is designed to keep you feeling full through the day so you don’t end up having temptations to eat a chocolate or cake snack. I believe this ‘keeping full’ approach is the way to sustaining a healthy eating diet as if you start a diet and feel starved within a few days then you won’t continue it for very long and end up going back to your old habits. Although when we say ‘keeping full’ we don’t mean eat a huge portion to last you till your next meal – the idea is to eat smaller portions regularly so you may need to have a healthy snack between meals such as a probiotic yoghurt (as seen in the photo), a salad, or a low sugar content fruit such as a green apple or any type of berry, stay away from high sugar content fruits such as bananas and grapes.


Dinner-time is time to get creative and you have a free reign on this as long as you have 1 part protein, 1 part starch and as much veg as you can eat (ideally 2part veg !) – we mean ‘part’ in the sense of your plate portion so a quarter of your plate should be protein, a quarter starch and a half plate of veg.


Fresh Fish -Salmon, Trout, Cod etc

Fresh Chicken

Fresh Pork

Occasionally Red Meat – Fresh Beef Steak

Starch –

Brown Rice

Brown Pasta

Red/Sweet Potato

Veg –

ANY ! Aim to have some dark green colours though like Broccoli and Spinach as these contain especially good levels of vitamins & minerals your body needs.


Have a few spoonfuls of a probiotic yoghurt or a slice of wholemeal toast with butter. Yeo Valley now do a fantastic range of flavours including ‘passion fruit’ which we highly recommend you try 🙂

Feel free to leave a comment or private mail me for extra or more detailed information, I will be more than happy to help in a more personal sense as every body is different …..

Love Eating !


LubyLou x